To keep it simple, we have noted the eligibility requirements in the form of an FAQ sheet. By submitting your online application, you confirm your approval to the following conditions of participation.

“BRUTAL VISION” is the in-house label sampler of NOIZGATE Records and Deafground Records: A music compilation with more than 30 tracks from the rock genre: Whether it’s metal, hardcore, punk, indie, alternative… Well, it’s all rock’n’roll, right?!
Our first issue of BRUTAL VISION in 2012 kept with the motto “Mind the metalheads of tomorrow!” – and attended to the question: “What will the scene hold for us in the next 3-5 years?” What direction will metal, core, death, prog and grind evolve in? Post-hardcore, progressive deathcore, electrocore, popcore or modern metal – to name just a few of those bloomers that have been springing from the root of good ol’ heavy metal lately. What’s going to be the next hot topic? Curious to learn more, we decided to delve even deeper into the matter: So, in 2015 the slogan for BRUTAL VISION Volume 2 was “Back to the future!” BRUTAL VISION Volume 3 had a theme, too: “Core in the name of love!” With our third label sampler we wanted to share with you the most brutal vision imaginable to us in 2017: A peaceful togetherness! We certainly knew that we wouldn’t change the world with a record. But we could yell at it at least!
It’s 2020 now and we’re busy getting down to the fourth edition of our sampler series. This time, the motto is “Born to loose?! ♠ Live to change!!“. You’re right, this is about provoking change – so that the future of our planet, as we envision it, can be more than a utopian dream!
If you share our vision with your band, want to get loud with us and are convinced that your song belongs on a BRUTAL VISION sampler, you should apply now! Whether you, resp. your song will eventually enrich the tracklist of our new compilation, will be decided by an online voting, which we will run on Facebook after a preselection by our label jury.
BRUTAL VISION volume 4 will be released by Deafground Records presumably towards April 2021. The record will be distributed by Rough Trade (physically) and The Orchard (digitally).
The participation in the BRUTAL VISION preselection and the subsequent release of the songs on the sampler is free of charge for all bands taking part.

Any band, playing a style that can be roughly described as “guitar-based rock music”, is welcome to participate: Whether it’s metal, hardcore, punk, indie, alternative… post-hardcore, progressive deathcore, electrocore, popcore… Well, when it comes down to it, it’s all rock’n’roll, right?
You should only apply though, if you can deliver your track in CD quality (solid sound, WAV-format, 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) until December 31st, 2020.
Barred from the competition are cover bands, the provision of cover songs resp. copyright reserved songs/lyrics (as long as the copyright does not belong to the applying band) and bands representing a right-wing, racist, homophobic or in any other way discriminating mindset.
The minimum age for participating is 18 years. If you are under that age by the time of your application, please submit a declaration of consent signed by your parents to the following address as soon as possible:
Sudbrackstr. 17
33611 Bielefeld

The application period for BRUTAL VISION Volume 4 will run from October 1st until December 31st, 2020. We do reserve the right to prolong this phase though.

Just fill in the application form at By submitting the form, you make the mandatory decision to participate in the preselection and agree to a possible publication of your song on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4. After applications have ended on December 31st, 2020 a qualified jury, consisting of the NOIZGATE team and external experts (among them a music producer, a music journalist, a blogger and many musicians, of course), will select 30 finalists for the online voting from all submissions. The voting will take place from February 1st to 14th, 2020. Those 15 songs that will have gained the most votes by the end of the competition will be released on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4.
Please note: It’s only after we have finally selected and informed you, that you will authoritatively be taking part.

Concerning music rights, one has to differentiate between an exploitation of the copyright and the related performing protection rights. It’s on your part to ensure that you are in possession of all rights required for the production, publication and promotion of the BRUTAL VISION sampler and that you can transfer them to us free of charge and free of third-party rights. In practice that means that your music has to be free of the charges of any Performing Rights Society (like the German GEMA) and free of rights claimed by any label or producer.
If your music is registered with a Performing Rights Society, you will have to bear the costs which may arise for the sampler yourselves. In case you have transferred your trademark rights to a label or a producer, we will need an appropriate release set out in writing by the partner in question. If needed, we can supply a corresponding form.
You are responsible for the contents (lyrics) you have provided and commit yourself not to deliver, to save, to release and/or to distribute any contents violating statutory regulations on
You pledge to secure and you guarantee the NUVINCI GmbH that you are in possession of all rights to the music and contents you have provided, which are required within the context of these conditions of participation and/or that these rights have been granted to you by the beneficiaries and that no third-party rights will be violated by the exploitation. You guarantee that by the exploitation, intended by these conditions of participation, no third-party rights, especially copyrights, trademark rights, naming rights or personal rights will be violated and that no preexisting works, references or accomplishments that might violate any third-party rights were used. You guarantee that you are entitled to the present granting of rights. In case you are defying this assurance, you pledge to indemnify the NUVINCI GmbH and to hold the company harmless to the full extent.
You gratuitously grant the NUVINCI GmbH the non-exclusive, territorially, temporarily and objectively unconditional and freely transferable rights of usage (exploitation rights) to all musical works and contents transmitted, saved and published, resp. provided by you. The NUVINCI GmbH is thereby entitled to exploit and utilize all musical works and contents provided by you in whole or in part in any manner. This includes especially the exploitation for advertising and marketing purposes and the use in other media, such as e.g. TV, DVD etc. The legal grant also encloses the right to publish and edit the musical works and contents provided by you in whole or in part.
The assignment of rights to the NUVINCI GmbH is however limited to the exploitation relating to the production, reproduction, performance, publishing, marketing and distribution of the “BRUTAL VISION Volume 4” sampler and refers to the first, as well as possible subsequent editions. The first edition of the record will comprise 1.000 copies.

Participating in the preselection and a possible later release of your song on the BRUTAL VISION sampler is generally free of charge for you. Of course, all expenses arising from composition, studio production and preparation of the participation have to be met by you. Any incurring fees from Performing Rights Societies will have to be taken over by you as well. And if your label or your producer claims a royalty resp. license fee for the approval of your song, this will be at your expense too. In case your song will be released on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4, you will receive 10 complimentary copies of the sampler for unrestricted use / free sale to compensate your expenses. In retail the sampler will be offered for €19,95. Additional copies can be obtained from us in 10-piece-packages at a purchase price of €50,00 plus shipping costs and 19% tax.

All participating bands declare their agreement to the electronic storing of their personal data within the scope of their submitted application. NUVINCI GmbH warrants the legal provisions on data protection. A transfer to a third party is only permitted with explicit consent of the band. The contents of the consent can be accessed at any time. The participating band has the right to revoke the aforementioned consent at any time. The cancellation is to be addressed to info[at]
Data transmission via the internet can be insecure. It can’t be guaranteed that third parties do not gain unauthorized access, therefore the organizer assumes no liability in such case.

Publisher of the sampler is:
Sudbrackstr. 17
33611 Bielefeld
In case you have any questions regarding these conditions of participation, please send us a short email to info[at]
We are looking forward to your application.