Fourth time lucky:

“Connect four” – always a good reason to play and even better a reason to make a fourth BRUTAL VISION sampler. After all, the underground is famously full of hidden musical treasures waiting to be unearthed. So, what could be more exciting than digging up some (uncut) diamonds, giving them a chance to let their talent shine?

As already suggested by the title of our sampler series, we’re in search for new visions. Of course, first and foremost, that means musical visions – but that’s not all! Together with you we would like to draw a picture with BRUTAL VISION Volume 4:

What will the world of tomorrow, the world in which our musical visions might come to life, look like?!

Born to loose?! ♠ Live to change!!
Right now, were seeing mankind standing at a crossroads! On the one hand, we can simply go on, as we have done before: Blow out more and more CO2 every year, drive even bigger trucks, dump more plastic into the oceans, chop down the rest of the rain forest, too… After all, a part of mankind has lived quite well and made quite a bit of profit by that practice. But aren’t we on the other hand betting a huge credit on a pretty low hand here? We’re literally going all-in, if we don’t change anything – with nothing less than the future of our planet at stake! So, either mankind still has another ace hidden up the sleeve somewhere or we’ll gamble away everything we have. And there’s really no option for a bluff in this game.

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil…

The artwork of BRUTAL VISION Volume 4 is our way to bow before the band that has once shaped these lines: With the help of Laura Gierl from THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME, Mara Bach from MIR ZUR FEIER and Jenny Jansen from GHOSTHER, we have created our very own version – or should we say: vision – of Motörhead’s legendary “Ace Of Spades” artwork. As a homage to Lemmy and to Motörhead, as birthday present to “Ace Of Spades”, turning 40 this year, as a strong symbol for all the female power in metal - and as a silent question, what the really-not-so-very-far future might look like.

We certainly know that we can’t save the world with a record – but together we can change something! And that is our vision on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4!
In 2012 BRUTAL VISION Volume 1 stood for the vision of a next generation scene, the message being: “Mind the metalheads of tomorrow!” With about 170 bands applying for the tracklist and some (at that time) fresh talents like UNLEASH THE SKY, ANNISOKAY or LEONS MASSACRE it was a great launch for our sampler series and even featured today’s biggies A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS and TRAEOS. To sum it up: Quite a success! And a good reason to proceed in this direction. So we went “back to the future”: BRUTAL VISION Volume 2 (2015) presented a selection of tracks we brought back from our flux capacitator trip to the year 2017. More than 200 band applications and artists like BREAKDOWNS AT TIFFANY’S, CYRCUS, BURNING DOWN ALASKA, STILLBIRTH, FALL OF GAIA and WATCH OUT STAMPEDE supplied us with such an abundance of great material that we had to add a B-side. We decided that from now on BRUTAL VISION should consist of two CDs! Two years later, in 20117, the time the time was right for yet another vision: True to the motto “Core in the name of love” we called on the musical underground worldwide to get loud with us for a peaceful togetherness. Out of more than 300 applications, on BRUTAL VISION Volume 3 we could put together a tracklist of 34 songs by bands and artists from all over the world, with underground highlights such as TRAILER PARK SEX, VENUES, WATCH OUT STAMPEDE or BURDEN OF LIFE turning up the volume for world peace alongside shooting stars like GROOVENOM and THE LEGION:GHOST.
What does your vision of the future sound like? Apply now!
You are truly visionary; you have the ultimate song ready and you’re literally dying to like to share it on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4? Awesome! We want to hear you. Apply now for the voting! Of all applicants we will select 30 bands for the online voting. The 15 best will nail the sampler, sounding in hard harmonies with bands like THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME, MIR ZUR FEIER, GHOSTHER, BURDEN OF LIFE, ALL WILL KNOW and many other hot topics on the scene!

Utopia, dystopia?
We’re not only holding all the cards – we can also reshuffle the pack!

Think about it. ♠
The application phase is finished!

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